My home antenna – HF bands

As any radio amateur is well aware: there’s not much point having the latest and great radio gear and fancy headphones, etc., if you don’t have any way of getting a decent radio signal into the air!


So here is a bit of info on what I have done for an HF band antenna here at the home station.

In point form, I wanted to achieve:

  • Low visual impact
  • low cost
  • low wind loading
  • easily raised and lowered in bad weather
  • as many bands as possible on a single antenna
  • simple construction, for home brewing

What I decided upon:

  • Off Centre Fed Dipole
  • 40 metres long (27 + 14m legs)
  • Fed with 4:1 Balun Designs 3kW Bal-Un
  • 2mm-square copper wire, insulated
  • approx 9-10m above ground level
  • approx 95m above sea level


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